Your house doesn’t become your home when you sign the final papers, it becomes a home when it reflects who you are, and a fresh coat of paint is often the first and most important step.



Here with Aaron Lee Painting, we understand that we’re not just entering a job site, but we are entering your home. We are guests in your home and we understand that your life doesn’t stop just because we’re there. We respect this by being clean, on time and as unobtrusive as possible.



The exterior paint job of your home has to not only be aesthetically appealing, but it has to protect against the elements. It has to be done right or you’ll have to do it again in a few short years.


Aaron Lee Painting are experts in exterior residential painting. Our painters know the weather and climate issues that your home will face and they are dedicated to making sure that the house looks beautiful and will stay that way for as long as possible.



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